IBEX: la corrección parece necesitar algo más

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EURUSD: 1.3300 target level is reached

This level is the minimum retracement we were expecting after the ending diagonal forecasted at the 1.3900 zone. And the trend doesn't seem to lose strength.

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EURUSD: follow-up of the ending diagonal analysis

The price is behaving exactly as forecasted in my previous analysis.

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The minimum price target of this falling wave should be the 1.3300 mark.


IBEX: quitando el polvo al gráfico diario

El último análisis fue tal que así

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Y así es como estamos a día de hoy, sin tocar las líneas. Qué será, será...

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EURUSD: daily chart update

The ending diagonal option is in place. Draghi will have a lot to do with the final outcome this Thursday.

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EURUSD: the ending diagonal option

The price could be evolving into a possible ending diagonal in c position, as shown in the daily chart below.

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IBEX: recuento en gráfico diario. Actualización.

Actualizando el movimiento del precio desde el último análisis de medio plazo publicado "IBEX: penúltima oportunidad al recuento bajista de largo plazo"

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Estimo que todavía debería entretenerse algo más en esta zona 9500-10500 antes de formar un techo definitivo. La zona de soporte parece clara 9550-9225, dejando aparte violaciones puntuales por volatilidad.


DOLLAR INDEX: critical moment for the long term trend

In previous posts I have already published my preferred long term count for this index. Now it is time to rewiew it and take a look at the last weekly candles it has set.

As you can see in the chart below, I am expecting a second upwards leg to complete an abc pattern from the 2011 lows.

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The price has been lately contained by the resistance level set with the last weekly gap still open at the 81.40 mark, which strongly rejected it two weeks ago with a powerful black candle. But this week it has developed an engulfing bullish candle that has left it knocking at the door of that level again. I believe that the resistance will be broken sooner than later, and that will be the confirming signal of a presumably strong 3rd wave of the expected upward leg.